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Torpol Master Tech Memory Shabrakk Sprang/Dressur

645,- 1.290,-

Torpol Master Tech Memory Shabrakk. Yttermateriale bestående av Nevada. Innsiden består av Evolon et materiale som holder hesten tørr. Perfekt for hester som har en tendens til å svette mye. Oversiden av shabrakken består av memory skum som sørger for demping. Supert for de som ønsker demping, men kanskje ikke har plass til en full pad under salen.

NB! Tilbudet gjelder kun lagerførte modeller/farger så langt lageret rekker.


Evolon® is an unique microfiber material combining the advantages of textiles with excellent mechanical properties. Just like traditional microfiber, it’s soft, light and well laid out, and it’s also extremely durable. Thanks to its compact structure, Evolon® is a great barrier and has excellent filtration properties. Evolon® is a registered trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG, Germany.


Main features of Evolon®:

  • Absorbent - thanks to the very large inner surface of the microfibers, Evolon® can absorb up to 400% of its own mass with respect to liquids.

  • Fast drying - thanks to the large inner surface formed by microfibers, Evolon® is drying very quickly in contact with air.

  • Breathable - Evolon® is a breathable material, which means it is pass into steam. This is due to the microfibers, which make up millions of tubes which allow air flow. The same microfibers provide excellent drainage of excess humidity: the moisture in the form of eg. sweat is absorbed by Evolon®, which then dries very quickly, removing moisture from the skin.

  • Antimicrobial - Evolon® is an excellent protection against allergens produced by house dust mites. The ability of Evolon® to filter is due to its dense compact structure made up of tightly knit microfibers. Even very small particles of allergen mites remain under the layer of Evolon® fabric. In addition, the compact fabric structure does not allow the penetration of hair. The hair stays on the outer layer so you can easily remove it.

  • Windproof - thanks to its compact structure EVOLON® is a great barrier for wind and UV rays.

  • Environmentally friendly - Evolon® is a durable material that helps reduce the impact of waste on our environment. It contains neither glue nor solvent. It does not cause skin irritation.


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